Pre-Graphic Design
UI Prototypes

Draft at
thinking pace

Unlike wireframing, start without graphic design concerns. No layout. No screen sizes.

In effect, stay focused. Devise the elements and their progression with all of your mental room.

Demo 1: Batch Record

Demo 2: Settings Panel


In contrast to mockups, explore and iterate ideas with more accurate usability feedback.

Likewise, communicate. Explain what you're trying to achieve in a clear and functional prototype.

Page Flow

Chained Selectors

Dynamic Forms


See more angles:

Try out page flows, groupings, and progression alternatives on the fly.

Experiment with different labels and UX writing practices.

Discover edge cases early on.

And more than

Convey complex requirements in a tangible live spec prototype.

Make the graphic design phase feel more familiar and direct.

Plan a little bit,
save a lot of rework.

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