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“All good ideas start out as bad ideas, that's why it takes so long.”

—Steven Spielberg


UI Drafter isn't a drawing or development tool, but is a tool for that bag. It's for pre‑production inspired by why screenwriters draft movie scripts.

It'll let you communicate and experiment ideas in a highly malleable and affordable medium.

more directly

Traditionally, domain experts had to teach programmers and designers from A to Z. Now users and teammates can communicate software requirements and improvements more directly than ever.

Draft without
graphic design

Unlike wireframing, brainstorm at thinking pace — without space constraints.

No screen-sizes. No 2D layout.

Just the content and its flow.

Software Engineering a UI


See more angles. Try out groupings, orderings, and variants on the fly.

Redesigning UI

Help Designers

Given a UI Drafter prototype, designers can lay out knowing what to organize. Therefore, the design phase will feel like a redesign one, familiar and straightforward.

Tip: Print the prototype as PDF and edit it in a graphic design program.

Pre-Graphic Design Prototype ready to layout.

Mitigate Rework

Discover blind spots and edge cases early on.

As UI Drafter presupposes graphic design and development, you can focus on the fundamentals with more mental room.

Do the fundamentals extremely well and you'll make more progress'.Guy Mitchelmore

No-Code Features Functional

Concretize ideas and get more realistic usability feedback than by testing mockups.

Mockups are better suited for evaluating style, layout, and animations, because they induce unnatural awareness into the test subject. For example, by requiring more memorization and imagination.

Computed Forms

Integrate UI elements in formulas.

Formulas using UI Elements

Conditional Options

Create dynamic sub-categories.

Chained Selectors with dynamic sets of options

And much more…

Page Navigation
Dynamic Forms
Button Actions
CSS Editor
UI Search

Live Specs

…and motivate by demonstrating your intention of building a good, user-first, application.

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